About Us

"A Proud Indian Company"

Alketron® computers is the brainchild of IT professionals based out of Bengaluru, the I.T. Capital of India. We started our operations in the year 2018 and have successfully spread our distribution network all over India in a very short span of time. In this competitive world of computer hardware technology we deliver high quality products at a very affordable cost to our customers, with its impressive expanse of product range featuring PC Tower/Casing, Keyboard, Mice, Monitors, SMPS, Motherboard etc. All our products are manufactured with high quality parts/materials and provides the highest output with its functionalities.

We always remain committed in our endeavor to come up with the highest quality product supported by adequate research and development techniques. Our business values revolve around aesthetic product appeal, quality, reliability and customer service. 


The term “Alketron” was coined by the founders of Alketron® computers  :- Alke (Greek word for “prowess”) + Tron (to weigh or measure something) = Alketron (Measure of prowess)