About the brand

In the world of memory chip industry we have always see a jam-packed competition and a stereotypical chip design which is only meant to lower the chip production cost in order to gain a competitive edge over the other competitor in the market. With the only intention to keep the production cost low we have seen our competitors reducing the quality of the product.

We are proud to say that we are better than our competitors at ALKETRON computers for the following reasons:- 

1) Obsessed with Quality Engineering: Our Moto is to have 0% tolerance on Bad Quality and Bad performance products. The brand was originally established with an obsession towards manufacturing Quality high & high performance products at a very affordable cost. Our Research & Development team strives to achieve cost effective, high performance & quality products.

2) Design & Implementation: At AKETRON We focus on In-house component design. Our main goal is establish a local brand with global standards in the computer components & parts industry, which will be competing with the other international brands in the market.

3) Market & Brand research: We use the latest AI technology to study the market and customer behavior in order to come up with the best quality products. We specialize in high performance E-sports & Gaming PC components & we also show keen interest in understanding each of our customers and provide them with tailor made E-sports & Gaming PC/ Laptop components.


We at ALKETRON® COMPUTERS always focus on Research & Development. At our embedded systems LAB we try to come up with new solutions that will change the chip industry for ever. As a part of our latest innovation in memory modules, we have come up with a new design for memory module which will fulfill the demand for high speed memory not only for the domestic market but also set a bench mark in the memory chip  industry across the globe for years to come. What began as a garage start-up in the year 2018 by a group of computer engineers from Bengaluru, we have quickly grown into a technology powerhousein terms of R&D and new product design. While ALKETRON® has long since outgrown that garage, the high standards of quality, reliability and customer service remain.

Today, ALKETRON® COMPUTERS is one of the leading players in the Indian for memory and storage solutions. Our customers include businesses of all sizes, tech consumers and a vast network of channel partners. We supply top-tier data centers, cloud providers and PC manufacturers, as well as companies developing the next trends in smart devices.

Our quality products and solutions are backed by unwavering service and support; standards our customers have come to depend on. The resourcefulness and flexibility that started ALKETRON® COMPUTERS continue to drive our business today.

We at ALKETRON® COMPUTERS, not just specialize but we live and breathe memory and storage. Our technical support will jumping online to answer your questions just as much as we enjoy walking you through the install process so you don't have to figure it out on your own.

The term “ALKETRON” was coined by the founders of ALKETRON® COMPUTERS.

ALKE (Greek word for “prowess”) + TRON (to weigh or measure something) = ALKETRON(Measure of prowess).